Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) Psychodrama: Theory & Practice with Trauma. How TSM Works. Foundations and Expansions.
with Linda Ciotola

Module 5. Doubling with Linda Ciotola

Zerka Moreno said that Doubling is the heart of psychodrama. Don’t know what to do with your client? Your client is stuck? Client is overwhelmed and can’t move forward? Are you stuck as a therapist? Solution - Doubling. By doing correct doubling in the therapeutic session, a therapist can you help her client much more than regular talk sessions. How to do it appropriately? This module is the gold standard on this method; it provides comprehensive knowledge on Doubling. 

Module 5 of 11 in the foundation course on TSM. Students may purchase one separate module or the whole course of 11 modules with a bundle discount. For: psychodramatists, psychologists, mental health professionals working with trauma, therapists, and social workers.

Participants will be able to:

-Understand the difference between classical and TSM doubling;

-Learn Body and Containing Doubling;

-Understand how to utilize Triple Double;

-Use practically and direct your protagonist and group members on how to Double;

-Direct pieces of work with plenty of different Doubling.

Module Includes:

Body Double, Classical Double, Containing Double, Triple Double, doubling in trauma work, safety, intuition, prescriptive roles, neurobiology. Doubling is the heart of psychodrama.

Reading materials: 

-The Body Double: An Advanced Clinical Action Intervention Module in the Therapeutic Spiral Model to Treat Trauma by Kamala Burden and Linda Ciotola.

-Doubling. Key Concepts.

-The Art of Doubling by Linda Ciotola

-How the Body Double Role Developed by Linda Ciotola

-How ‘Containing Double’ supports trauma recovery by Karen Carnabucci

-The “Triple Double” by Linda Ciotola

Main Content

· Video lectures - 15 min

· Video Demonstration - 38 min

· Handouts - 12 min 

· Practicum - 15 min

Breaks - 10 min 

Each 50 min of content requires a 10 min break that will be included in your total certified hours

Hours for Certificate

· 1:30 Hours Total


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Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) Psychodrama: Theory & Practice with Trauma. How TSM works. Foundations and Expansions. 11 modules

TSM modified classical psychodrama, combined with the attachment theory and recent research in interpersonal neurobiology. Incorporating trauma theory to ensure safe applications while working with trauma. By taking this course you bring containment and structure into your work.  

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