Rebels with a Cause: Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques with Mario Cossa

Module 7. Befriending Your Inner Adolescent: Exploring and Releasing Unresolved Adolescent Issues.

Module 7 of 7 on working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques. For educators, psychodramatists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and parents trying to connect with their adolescent children. Students can purchase individual modules or the entire course of 7 modules, with a bundle discount.

Participants will be able to:

-To describe why action methods are particularly suited to work with adolescent populations;

-To explain the developmental challenges along the age continuum from puberty to mid-20s and discuss action strategies appropriate to each;

-To outline psychodramatic techniques that are appropriate at each stage of group development;

-To describe psychodramatic techniques for working with values clarification with adolescents;

-To direct Social/Cultural Atom in the group setting. Use the video Demonstration to guide your work.

-To explain the factors that build resilience in youth and how to use psychodrama and sociodrama to build these factors;

-To outline a series of action techniques that can be used to support work with adolescents on substance use and abuse issues; and

-To identify unresolved issues from one's own adolescence and discuss strategies for using them to support rather than hinder work with adolescents

Module Includes:

Reading materials: 

-Social Atom Direction

-Inner Adolescent

Main Content

· Video Demonstration - 99 min

· Handouts - 90 min 

· Practicum - 36 min

Breaks - 45 min 

Each 50 min of content requires a 10 min break that will be included in your total certified hours

Hours for Certificate

· 4:30 Hours Total


(100 Days Access)

Rebels with a Cause: Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques.

7 modules

Students can buy one separate module or the whole course of 7 modules with a bundle discount.

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