Alejandro Jiliberto Herrera, Spain

LPsy, TEP, Clinical Psychologist, Educator, Researcher and Training Supervisor

Alejandro Jiliberto Herrera is the Director of "Nexo Psicosalud"- in Madrid, Spain, and is a contributor to the Movie Therapy method. He is responsible for International Relations AEP (Spanish Psychodrama Association). Alejandro is a Member of the IAGP, CAOA, and Organizational Consultant Section. He also works as a Psico-social Researcher and Methodologist. His strengths as a trainer are in group dynamics, creativity, online training, team building, qualitative research, and project assessment. As an organizational consultant, Alejandro has implemented new strategies to develop horizontal organizations, down-up innovation, sustainable culture, motivation, teams, and strategic leadership. Alejandro has written manuals for rural woman's training needs, new environmental training profiles, resilience strategies to overcome grief in Spanish families after COVID, youth mental health, strategies to deal with suicide, self injuries, and panic attacks in adolescents.

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